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Violation Removal Inc. proudly offers property violation removal services throughout the five boroughs of New York City. VRI works with home owners, landlords with multiple buildings, commercial property owners, property management companies, title insurance companies, and attorneys.

VRI handles everything from the court representation to the drafting of building plans, to obtaining all permits, to the physical repair work. VRI is in business to make dealing with the city easy for you or your client, and to help you get through any property violation related matter quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. VRI essentially works toward restoring clean title to any property in the five boroughs.

VRI does this by giving access to our in-house resources for real estate owners which includes: a top-notch violation removal team, seasoned Department of Buildings expediters, a licensed general contractor with a commercial crew and that offers handyman services as well, architectural and engineering resources, zoning code experts, and a legal team which can handle anything from contracts to easements to closings.

VRI proudly serves the public, and defends the property owner against the city. You will be extremely satisfied by having VRI aid you in resolving any violations involving your property. Call Today – 718-264-0500

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Violation Removal Inc. represents their clients in ECB court, prepares all the evidence you're going to need to outweigh that of the inspector, uses proven defenses that stop the judges in their tracks, we know how these people work, and we're here to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Choose Violation Removal Inc., for all your Property Violation issues.